Who is Ming Lee

Ming Lee is one of my inspirations for starting hairluxe.io, after watching her youtube video about how she started her hair brand Snob Life with $500. I was extremely impressed with the fact that she was originally supposed to use the money to buy a sofa and ended up convincing a hair wholesaler to sell her some hair.

It was just so fascinating that the same $500 dollars that could have gotten her that sofa she really wanted was the same $500 that yielded her a extremely successful multi-million dollar business.

Ming Lee Birthday

Ming was raised by her adopted grandmother, she was born in Detroit, Michigan on September 11, 1986.

Ming Lee Hair Stylist

She launched her youtube channel and instagram account in october 2011 and one of her first youtube videos was titled “how to do a quick weave”. She has over one hundred sixty five thousand youtube subscribers and forty thousand twitter followers.

Ming Lee started doing hair in 2010, she had always a passion for hair since she was younger. She attended the Aveda Beauty Institute in Atlanta and opened Snoblife Studio in July 2013.

Ming Lee and SnobLife

Ming was initially just doing hair and her clients kept asking her about her hair and where she was getting it from. She was buying her hair from a guy named George so she just started to refer all of her clients to him for the time being.

George was receiving so much business from ming lee’s referrals that he decided to start giving her referral fees. Being the savvy business women that she is Ming declined accepting the referral fees and instead suggested that George just sell her the hair wholesale and he agreed.

Ming quickly realized that George was only a middle man and she wanted to buy hair from a legitimate wholesaler to increase her profit margins.

Having to return a incorrect order she had placed for hair extensions, she found what would be her first hair supplier.

The supplier had a minimum order requirement of three thousand dollars but ming pleaded with the supplier and convinced him to to sell to her at wholesale price but without meeting the three thousand dollar minimum requirement. At the time she only had about five hundred dollars to her name and she was supposed to be using that to buy a sofa.

In this video Ming Lee tells the story of how she started her business with only $500

Success Of Snob Life

Snoblife has become one of the most successful hair brands out there. Snob life was initially started to make a few extra bucks on the side but once Ming Lee realized how far she could take her business she grew it into a multi million dollar company.

Ming attributes the success of snob life to building a team of employees who could maintain her business which allowed her to focus on growing it.

I personally believe the driving force behind the snoblife brand was ming lee’s ability to market her business and convey her message to the masses. Ming lee said in an interview with blackenterprise.com that if she wasn’t involved in the hair industry she would be involved in marketing. Her dream job was to work on a team that creates super bowl ads.

Ming spoke of how in the beginning show would pass out hundreds of business cards everyday and how she wouldn’t return home until she had passed out all of her business cards.

She also spoke of how important it was to utilize social media when she started out since she had no marketing budget. She heavily utilized instagram and youtube. One of her youtube videos has over two million views.

Ming stresses in a couple of her youtube videos about how important it is to hire the right people before its too late. She states that her business would be two times bigger than it is if she would have just hired people instead of trying to fill every position in her business herself.


Future Of Snob Life

The future of snoblife is endless. Ming Lee wants to turn snoblife into a lifestyle brand that offers more than just hair. She has plans to expand the snoblife brand into perfume, nail polish, cosmetics and more.

In a recent youtube video ming spoke of closing down her salon and opening up a market place the sells beauty supplies and accessories.